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Native Americans speak on sports imagery

From an audience member who identified himself as Native American: ”If [team owner] Dan Snyder truly thinks the word ‘Redskins’ is honorific, I challenge him to attend the next meeting of the National Congress of American Indians and try using that word to people’s faces.”

This needs to be read by all people.

Dear NBA,

I feel as if the general NBA watcher is the least educated about the history of your game.

Since the general sport watcher isn’t reading sports books,they heavily rely on TV.It controls everything sports-wise,even though the digital forum is coming up very fast.

But the NBA media exploded at the time where a guy who ended up being one of the greatest(you know who) and I feel like since 1991(when he staked his claim as great by winning a ring) almost everything since then(constant comparisons of every wing player) and everything before him seemed irrelevant. I’m not saying that it wasn’t necessarily justified..its rare that an athlete can climb the ranks of the all-time greats when EVERYONE can see it.

Contemporary networks of the NFL and MLB provide great historical contexts for the players who the general public may never have heard of but were just as great..not everyone wants to hear about Jerry Rice,Lawrence Taylor or Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. I feel as if the NBA is still plugging away with the Michael Jordan.The NFL/MLB networks appeal to my strong affinity for making lists..”who threw the greatest curveball”..”who was the biggest diva in NFL history?..everything doesn’t have to drip off covering simply one great player..the NBA is far more rich in history,in players for the form of laziness that is being conveyed to its fans.

It’s a shame that fans don’t get to see for themselves why Penny Hardaway or Grant Hill were so beloved in the early 90s before injuries took their toll.Or why Bill Walton was considered one of the best passing centers ever,how Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double,how Shawn Kemp got the name “Reign Man”,why Run-TMC was so fun to watch in Golden State,how the Lakers/Kings rivalry became of the rare actual rivalry this late in your league or how the complete Knicks teams of the 70s beat the star studded Lakers..maybe people would have a proper context of how Dallas could have beaten Miami and they wouldn’t be so shocked.

I’m not saying that showing the perceived “greatest player of all time” on TV would not drive ratings or be good for a business model.But you also have to take into account of the message you are sending to young kids,in that there was no history before or outside of Michael Jordan.


Ryan W.

He [Tex Winter] got frustrated with players at times. A Michael Jordan who he said couldn’t pass the ball right; Shaq who wouldn’t take coaching very easily, Kobe who overpenetrated or handled the ball too long so the offense didn’t run right. Every star that I’ve ever had on a team, except Scottie Pippen basically, he had trouble with parts of their game.

Phil Jackson, on Tex Winter (via gotemcoach)


No matter what ESPN or any analyst on any channel may tell you for 5 months every day or every Sunday…Public Enemy said it best

"Dont believe the hype"

For references see:Jacksonville,NY Jets and Dallas

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