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Posts tagged ‘Thoughts’

I Spent

my night throwing up all night

and I’m still extremely nauseous.

I had to pull a no show at my old

roommates going away party

I kinda feel like an asshole.

Random Thoughts(Weekend Edition)

-Apartment hunting blows..and this is no three bears shit either..perfect is fleeting..I just want something that I’m content with..of the 6-7 i’ve seen..this is a headache.

-Drinking with bartenders is not a sustainable social model..I can’t go to my favorite bar and have 1 or 2 drinks and just hang out..any time I’m looking away they’ll prank me by refilling my glass just to the point of me not noticing..what a sick sick world.

-For some reason a stranger was compelled strongly to show me Miley Cyrus in a mustard costume riding a hot dog…I don’t know

-Real friendship is giving Hulu Plus and Netflix logins/passwords

-Did you know the NHL had minor league teams?..I don’t think I did.

-It seems as if unless I want to be a permanent fixture in my friend’s lives as the third wheel..I’m either going to have to find more single friends,start dating or stay inside lol.

You Know

whats a weird confidence


being hit on aggressively by attractive 40 year old women

cougars do exist.

To the women

with lots of hair on your head,

I love you all


I’d like to date you lol.

My Birthday is


and I’m on the line

of buzzed and drunk

before 8pm already.

Can’t Sleep

too many worries

and long sighs

to shake off

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