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My Sunday Mornings

are my favorite rituals to have

-Wake up around 9(hungover or not)

-Play jazz music through Pandora(John Coltrane) on my Sonos player

-Make breakfast

-Go to my balcony and eat breakfast,listen to music and read

Thats all…thats all I want.

I’ve Been

drinking for about 10 hours

this is not a sustainable business


I’ve Had

such a trouble with commitment


I’ve been only watching cancelled tv shows

with 1 season.

what’s wrong with me?

I’m Less

concern with


I wish the government could

protect us from the


I Got

a genuine compliment

from a gay guy today

and my self confidence is at

a all day high

Things I’ve Forgotten

I have my photos from 2012 and back(06ish) on Flickr(who knew that would ever come in handy) I’m still missing the last two years of stuff but this definitely eases this blow a bit..going through the photos i’m having a weird flashbacks so I thought I would toss it here

This is how nice the Seattle Seahawk organization is(back in 2006 anyways)…me and my then friend bought tickets to Seahawks/Lions(During the Jim Mora era or do we forget the post Holmgren,pre Pete years?) anyways we were sat by these two guys who worked for Jones Soda(Yay more Seattle references!) and they were cool but one was very very drunk..he took the ferry to the game(underrated way to get there) was pre throwing up..eventually security came by and escorted him out…he proceeds to leave the another ticket off a scalper and reenter the stadium and sit back near us and his finds out and immediately get him out again…a person in PR comes down to us and apologizes(and gives us both like 3 Seahawks shirts…see? drunk people can be beneficial! 

I Perform Like Mike






I Never

would’ve dreamed to see the Seahawks

win a super bowl

They should do it again.


the weekend my Macbook Pro that I’ve had

for under 2 years died without warning.

I had to buy a new Macbook Air(woe is me)

I really didn’t care for most of the information on it

like music…that stuff is replaceable

I’m very very upset about losing all of my photos

Family,friends and my photos of my dead dog..all gone.

First world problems,Palestinians are dying, the Ferguson thing hasn’t been resolved


this makes me sad.

Here’s a Life


when two girls invite you back to their
place to have a drink

you go

you always go.

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